Saved JPG File Size is Massive!

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Saved JPG File Size is Massive!

Postby ctaulbee » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:54 am

Since this often comes up I thought I would post this here for reference.

This is a known issue with Photoshop since CS6 (2012) and in all versions of CC.

The cause, if you are curious, is Photoshop storing extra information in the JPG file header, in the form of data for editing and other uses, that of course cannot be compressed as it's "NOT image data" and is ignored no matter what the compression is set to.

To solve this you have to remove the metadata.

Re-saving in a different program will sometimes work as other programs will often ignore the Photoshop data on the re-save, many people use irfanview for example and there are others.

To do it from inside Photoshop you can use the "Save for the Web" option and set the "metadata" drop down to none.

Problem is Photoshop's "Save for the Web" option sets the DPI to 72 so you will have to change it back to 300.

To do this in Photoshop you just need to re-open the file and select resize image, uncheck the "resample" box, this is so it maintains the same pixel size, then set the dpi back to 300, apply and then save it a second time, then you won't need a separate program.

Also you can use a online DPI converter to set the DPI from 72 to 300, it won't affect the file as the DPI is a "Printer Only Setting."



"Save for the Web" is being phased out in Photoshop and is not on the save menu since CC 2015, it's listed as a legacy option on the "Export" menu now, my guess is at some point it will be discontinued completely.

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Re: Saved JPG File Size is Massive!

Postby Pip » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:05 am

Or you can use BatchPurifier LITE. ;)
(windows only).
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