Guidelines & Rules

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Guidelines & Rules

Postby dirk8837 » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:23 am

If you have navigated your way across the internet to this page, then what you have stumbled upon is the second generation of "Uncovered", one of many replacement cover forums to be found across the internet. We at Uncovered pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to offer quality replacement covers, labels and resources without you having to reach into your pocket to pay for them (don't confuse our good nature in this regard with us granting you the right to try and download the entire gallery -- see rule #11 below).

The main premise of "Uncovered" is that everything is done in a friendly and fun way. :)

It is therefore our aim to provide you with just such a place for you share your work with others with a like minded nature. We the staff, administrators and moderators are here to help you with this and any suggestions, comments or anything you think might make this forum better can be made in the suggestion section.

In order to be upgraded to Fully Uncovered, Please make an introduction in the "Members Introductions Area" which can be done by making a new post below here after you have first registered. Please let us know a bit about yourself, how you found us, where else you go, do you make covers/labels....etc. Most of all be active and join in. :-)

Please take a few minutes while your here to review and digest our rules

There are some rules for the site which are listed here, these must be followed.

1. You may only upload your own work or with the permission of the original artist. If you are uploading another artists work then you must credit them and put in the description that you have their permission, anyone breaking this rule will be banned.

2. No offsite linking to artwork, if you want to share then upload it to our gallery, no artwork is to be taken from this site and uploaded to other sites without the artists permission, doing so will result in a ban

3. Scans are not included in rule one. Any good quality scan can be uploaded by anyone.

4. Any and all complaints must be directed to a staff member, not in open posts or the shout box that is not what it's for, the staff member will bring the matter to the attention of all staff where a decision will be made.

5. No ego's please, leave it at the door before coming in, we are about fun and edification of all members.

6. No spamming, spammers will be banned immediately with no warning and ALL their posts removed, this includes promoting other sites whether intentional or not.

7. Please read the upload rules in the upload section before you upload .

8. If you find poor quality artwork then please contact a member of staff.

9. No adult covers please or posts that contain anything that might be considered pornography.

10. The big one, if you download a cover or label, please leave the artist a comment, remember the download was free and the only payment they get is your praise and/or thanks, so lets encourage them to do more, make more, post more by giving them their earned acknowledgement.

11. If you abuse the free downloads ie downloading excessive amounts in a short period of time, download restrictions may be imposed on your account.

12. No trolling or behavior that looks like trolling, any posts that appear to be for the purpose of disruption or starting an argument will be removed and the poster warned, any further attempts after a warning will be treated as spamming.

Remember this is a Artwork Design Site so lets keep the focus on that and leave politics, religion and other unsuitable topics elsewhere, thank you for your effort and time in making uncovered a great place to share, learn and have fun together.


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