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Guidelines And Rules For Uploads To This Gallery

#1 Rule - READ ALL the Guidelines before you upload anything.

While we do appreciate the enthusiasm of our new members wanting to join in right away, we do ask that you be patient, it may take us a little while to evaluate your uploads.

You must Enter a Title and Select a Language & Format from the drop-down boxes for each upload, it's Your Responsibility to make sure they are correct and not ours to check behind you, so verifiy it each time. No artwork uploaded to either gallery or the forum may contain any reference or url to another site whether cover related or not. if that is found on any cover or label then they will be immediately deleted from the gallery no warnings or notice will be give, if it is deemed to have been intentional (in our opinion as that is the only one that matters to us) then the offender will be banned as well.

Make sure you select the correct album for the upload you are making.

Custom matters make sure you understand what it is you are uploading. Customizing a Retail or Editing a Scan does not make it a Custom Cover

That means if you take a Retail cover or a Scanned cover and make a few changes it is still not a Custom Cover.

A custom cover is 100% made by you else put it in a Scan Album and tag it as Retail.

Failure to do this will cause those uploads to be deleted without further warning or notice.

Repeated offenses of this will result in loss of upload privileges as we will not babysit adults. It's Your Responsibility to make sure you get this correct and not ours to check behind you. If none of this makes sense to you then you might should not upload until you get it figured out.

If you are in the Fully Uncovered or Contributor Group your CoverArt uploads will not show in the gallery until they are approved by a Moderator.

You can see how many uploads you have pending on your portal user menu here:

Please understand your work can be rejected for many reasons beyond these basic guidelines, staff will notify you of the reason for the deletion via PM at which point you can then review your work, make the appropriate changes and resubmit at a future date.

All your Disc Label uploads will have the borders set to match the gallery, automatically, on the previews, the original label file will not be changed so whatever you upload will be what the user gets when they download, this is just for the thumbs and small previews only. So no need to make special borders for here anymore, if you would like your avatar on the rim of the previews then you will need to send me a PM and I'll get you setup. All custom labels must be full face and 1500px x 1500px.

The #1 reason uploads are rejected here is new members not properly sizing them, they MUST one of the sizes on the list below or they will just get deleted, so please check it before you make an upload. PM any staff member if you have questions.

The approved artwork dimensions can be found here: Approved Case Sizes all arwork must meet these size requirments, this is not optional.

If they do not meet these minimum requirements they will be DELETED, so please follow these few simple rules:

Customs or Scans:

Make sure the cover or label is sized correctly, the most common covers and labels uploaded along with the preferred sizes are:
  • Custom or Scanned DVD Cover @ 3240 X 2175.
  • Custom or Scanned Blu-ray Cover @ 3118 X 1748 or 3173 X 1762.
  • Custom or Scanned Blu-ray or DVD Disc Labels @ 1500 X 1500.
  • Multi-disc cases for both Blu-ray and DVD vary in size, so see the case size link above for all sizes that are accepted.
In additon your uploads must comply with all these.
  • All must be 300 dpi, RGB and saved as jpg only for covers & labels.
  • Max file size for cover or label 9 megs as the typical is 3-7 megs.
  • All images used must be of hi-quality, with proper levels and color adjustments.
  • Free of blur, pixelation and/or jpg artifacts from over compression or improper settings.
  • All text & logos must be easy to read, legible, crisp and sharp.
For Scans only:

Make a thorough search of the site for a scan you are going to upload. We don't want duplicates on scans obviously, unless it's of a higher quality than what is already posted, in which case make sure a staff member knows you are posting it to replace an existing scan.

Some more specific requirements just for scans:
  • They must be aligned and scaled in proportion.
  • Black levels and colors must be correct.
  • Spine in correct location.
  • No borders, marks, shadows, etc.
  • No moire patterns.
  • If none of this makes sense to you, you probably need to research before uploading scans.

Be sure to read this and complete all fields for the completed upload: How To Complete The Upload Texts and Selection Lists Properly

Low Quality Artwork, Wrong Sized or any items that we deem to have No Merit will be deleted without notice -- even if they meet the minimum requirements of size and quality -- please don't waste our time with junk uploads in attempts to gain access.

If you are unsure on anything then ask "before" you upload.

Thanks for supporting Uncovered with your uploads.