Basics for Upload Text & Selection Lists

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Basics for Upload Text & Selection Lists

Postby ctaulbee » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:53 pm

Basic How To Complete The Upload Form Texts & Selection Lists Properly
The Title must be filled in correctly with capitols on every main word like this: The Matrix Trilogy Collection

not like this: the matrix trilogy collection

No extra info in the Title other than the film name and the year in () if it has alias from a different year like:

Star Trek (2009) >>> so we know it's the new one.

For TV-Cable shows the Season can be added and if a disc the disc number examples:

The Blacklist - Season 1 >>> for cover
The Blacklist - S1 >>> for cover

The Blacklist - Season 1 Disc 1 >>> for a label
The Blacklist - S1 D1 >>> for a label

The Description field needs a basic amount of info ie --> Custom or Scan

Everything else is optional but keep it short as possible please.


Must pick one of these, I'm including this list for ref -- this is the size the spine is suppose to be it's possible to make it some other size but this is what it should be and how they should be set on upload, most common sizes in yellow.

5mm - 3106x1748 Viva Elite Blu-ray Thin Case
7mm - 3150 X 2175 Thin DVD Case
10mm - 3173 X 1762 Vortex Blu-ray Case
12mm - 3118x1748 Viva Elite Blu-ray Case
14mm - 3240x2175 Standard DVD Case

14mm - 3240x1894 Criterion Blu-ray Case
15mm - 3189x1762 Vortex Blu-ray Case
15mm - 3206x1762 Vortex Blu-ray Case
15mm - 3142x1748 Viva Elite Blu-ray Case
22mm - 3305x1762 Vortex Blu-ray Case
25mm - 3260x1748 Viva Elite Blu-ray Case
25mm - 3260x1748 Viva Elite Blu-ray Case
25mm - 3460 X 2175 10 Disc DVD Case
30mm - 3520 X 2175 12 Disc DVD Case
37mm - 3578 X 2175 14 Disc DVD Case
50mm - 3661 X 2175 Wide DVD Case
Disc - is for Discs obviously since they have no spines.

There are other sizes of covers but generally they are very close to one of these and the few pixels difference in overall size matters very little for example some use a template size of 3206x1762 for the Vortex Blu-ray Case which is really the same as 3189x1762 both have 15mm spines and the actual size difference is only 17 pixels which at 300 pixels per inch is .05 of an inch or about 1.25mm which is a tiny little sliver of paper...


Keywords have to separated by a semi-colon in this gallery else the whole word list becomes a clickable big word, this is good as it allows some neat things you can't do with spaces, works like this:

custom blu-ray your name --- equals one big keyword:
custom blu-ray your name

custom;blu-ray;your;name --- equals four keywords:

Note do not use spaces they get attached to the words as actual chars unless you want spaces like this:

custom;blu-ray;your name --- equals three keywords:
your name

See how that works; this allows special phrases to be used to link a set of covers and/or labels for example and it will be clickable on the preview page of each that has that phrase.

Here is an example of files linked with a phrase:

Words used in the Title or the Description (caption) fields SHOULD NOT be repeated in the keywords, all words in the Title & Caption are indexed by default, so repeating them in the keywords field gains nothing and is redundant, you can see here all three fields are searched by default so each word need only appear one time in one of the three fields to be indexed to that item.

Also DO NOT add your name to the keywords or other fields like title or caption, all your uploads are automatically linked to your user name, so there is no need to add that anywhere else.


There are two types of regions the letters are for Blu-ray only and the numbers are for DVD only.


For a Region Free DVD select Region = Region 0 (region "zero")

For a Region Free Blu-ray select Region = Region ABC


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