>>>>>>> Guidelines For Posting Here <<<<<<<

Section Rules and GuidelinesPut your latest finished works on exhibition here, section is open to all members.

>>>>>>> Guidelines For Posting Here <<<<<<<

Postby ctaulbee » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:03 am

This part of the forum is for Members to display their completed works as in covers not labels only show labels in here if they are with a cover.

Please keep in mind that these are NOT WIP's, so lets contain the urge to make suggestions about how an artist should change their work. However if you believe there is and error on a cover then handle it the right way--send them a Private Message.

You may use 3d previews in here and discuss whatever you wish about the process.

Upload all preview images as attachments and insert them inline, DO NOT post links to off-site images hosts.

The last thing, this forum is for showing off covers that are available on this site. So if your image(s) are not uploaded to CoverArt Gallery then please do not show it in this forum (Your threads will be deleted if the image(s) are not hosted here).

The Don't List:

Don't post labels in here unless it's a matching label posted with a cover, this is for "showcasing new works" only, don't flood this section with multiple new threads in one day, if you do they will be removed.

Don't make tall previews that distort the forum index with huge tall thumbs, we will remove your entire thread if you do.

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